CBD MD cbd md 3000mg mint oil

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Savory, delicious, and with a crisp wintery kick, this CBD oil tincture is a crisp and refreshing way to enjoy your regular CBD treatment. The flavor is a unique blend of genuine mint extracts, carefully formulated to complement and round-out the earthy taste of CBD oil. It comes in a wide range of CBD potencies, from 300mg up to 3000mg per 30ml bottle, so almost all users will find an option that’s perfect for their treatment needs. The tincture is made with broad spectrum CBD extract, so it delivers a full entourage effect with absolutely no THC content. cbdMD uses organically grown hemp, sourced from Kentucky farms, and uses only non-GMO vegan ingredients; the result is a top-notch oil made with some of the best ingredients nature has to offer. This oil is truly a cut above, and fans of mint are sure to enjoy the delicious bite it brings with each tasty treatment.

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