puro d8 cigar 5 gram

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These “Cannagars” are a very unique, specialty product. Since great CBD Cannagar first starts out with the highest selection of quality American has grown hemp flowers. Therefore, Puro Cannagars provide what we could call simply the best and purest way to enjoy the hemp plant.

These hemp flowers are hand-selected by the team at Puro Cannagars for their taste and aroma.  Only whole flowers are used in Puro Cannagars.  No stems, seeds, no trim, or byproducts at all.  Puro Cannagars Torcedors grind up the buds and compressed into the shells for a long-lasting, smooth, and even burn profile.

The shells are then finally wrapped again in either a beautiful hemp leaf or the super unique Rose Petals using an all-natural method.

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